Personal Information

Laura Finch
Time at Eastons
11 Years
A little bit about you personally:
I'm engaged and due to be married soon I have a 2 year old son and live locally.
3 Amusing facts/ interests / Something fun
Being an engaged to an Italian means I have a house full of pasta & ice cream I am a handbag fanatic and have so many, couldn't possibly use them in my life time & apparently my partner feels we should up size our house to accommodate my shoe & handbag collection
What you do at Eastons
Accounts and administration
Your work experience
Most of my employment has been in estate agency starting off with my work experience whilst at college. I then joined Eastons to cold start an office and progressed to doing the accounts.
Your key Strengths
Organised and assertive. Friendly approach to clients and my team members.
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