Personal Information

Lorraine Bryon-Pitts
Time at Eastons
Since January 2015
A little bit about you personally:
I am married and have a daughter and am a local resident to the area.
3 Amusing facts/ interests / Something fun
I own a snake, two lizards and a tortoise (so get called Dr Do Little), I used to teach karate (look out), one of my friends calls me the painted lady!
What you do at Eastons
I am Eastons Property Manager, I deal on a daily basis with our landlords and tenants to ensure the smooth running of our extensive managed rental properties.
Your work experience
I am organised, methodical, very proactive and take pride in all that I undertake
Your key Strengths
I am organised, personable and enjoy building Landlord/Tenant relationships and strive to exceed expectations.
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